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Feudal Kingdoms – A Grand Strategy Game

Feudal Kingdoms is a turn based strategy game in the medieval setting for PC (Mac OS and Linux releases planned) .
You, as a player, take control over a small kingdom and its settlements. 

Take care of your kingdom by feeding its citizens and keeping them warm in winter.

Take care of your enemies by defending your land or taking theirs.

Take care of your rivals by negotiating with them or by sending out spies and saboteurs.


Main Features

A turned based medieval grand strategy game which expands the limits of the genre by adding more depth to the gameplay than you have ever seen before.

Realistic Population Structure
Various Production Chains
Troop Designer
Defeat Your Enemies
And Much More…
Extensive Lore

Experience The Story Of Toria And Set Your Footprint

Today, Toria is split between many kingdoms. Some larger than others. Some are rich, others are as poor as a church mouse. The big war of 942 and partition of Toria. That were hard times.

Lore Of Toria

All this is accompanied with wonderful music

Feudal Kingdoms OST

Eight Playable Kingdoms

When starting a new game, you get to choose from a set of pre-defined kingdoms, each of them with their own history and traits. This grants the possibility of choosing the right starting conditions for your preferred play style.W

Kickstarter Trailer

Highly Adaptable To Your Preferred Playstyle

Use a wide variety of research and sills to customize your game experience

The Agents: Henchmen, Aristocrats and Noblemen

Deploy them to strengthen your settlements, weaken your enemies, spy on them or start negotiating and trading

Improvement by knowledge

Educational buildings generate “research points”. These points can be spent in your research area to further customize your game experience. Do you prefer a more economic approach or rather rule the world with a strong army? What about the social aspects?

Use modding tools

Do you want to create your own ingame templates? The troop designer and building designer is here to give you all the freedom you need.

The Team Behind Blood And Pixels

Love, Sweat And Blood In Every Pixel

Philipp Krieger

Head Of Development

The guy behind the code and mechanics. Also the initiator of the project. 

Pavel Slesinger

Game Design And Web Content

Fighting imbalance of buildings and skills. Yet trying to tell an interesting story.

Mirya Fischer

Social Media Representative

Managing our social media channels, spreading female charm and a good mood within the team.

Niklas Heiler

Music Artist

Music is the soul of every game, and Nik is the soul behind Feudal Kingdoms’ music.

Chat with the Devs on Discord –