Attention Backers! Are you ready to go?

Attention Backers! Are you ready to go?

If you are one of our backers then you are one of the lucky ones who received an early access key that grants you your copy on Steam. (if you haven’t received one, please contact us via

This means you can jump directly into the game and start playing.
At this point we have to mention that the game is still in an early phase and can and will bugs happen.
But our hard working team is pushing hotfixes reguraly to provide you a pleasant game experience.

Futhermore we are looking for your valuable feedback. We want to know what our players like and what they do not like. What would you change? Let us know and join the discussions on our Discord Server

We also released the first version of our quick start guide that will help you on your first steps in your new kingdom.
This wiki will grow in content as the game development progresses.
You can find the wiki HERE

Last but not least, besides getting rid of annoying bugs, we are working on our release version for Mac OS and Linux. There is currently no release schedule for that, as there are some 3rd party dependencies, but it will arrive.

So long, thank you for your support so far and we are looking forward to another exciting weeks of development and the upcomming content.