5 days after… first résumé

5 days after… first résumé

The first keys have gone out to our backers. Our “release” or let’s call it next test phase is smooth and exactly what we needed. We received error messages, fixed them very quickly and uploaded updates faster than we expected. We try to take care of all your mistakes fast understand them and fix them. We have also received a lot of feedback for which we are very grateful. Please continue with the cooperation. This is exactly what we need. 

In December there will be a Roadmap that we would like to share with you. One of our priorities is that you can save and load your games. This is the only way you can have fun expanding your own kingdom in the long run. Warfare will be refined and improved. It’s to become more challenging and individual for every player. A first tutorial will also implemented. A small wiki has already been created on the website, but of course we want a  ingame tutorial. You have probably seen that we have already created the space for it. All this together will be a big update in December. Besides that of course regular bugfixes if there are any. We will only find out if you keep testing. 

Latest in the middle of the month there will be an IndieGoGo campaign. Why? We already got the question how to test the game at this point after the Kickstarter campaign in summer. The Indiegogo campaign is the possibility. We would also like to give some of you the pleasure of seeing your own drawn portrait in the game. Its’s a very special christmas present, isn’t it? All backers of the indiegogo campaign will get their their Steam Keys shortly after the campaign and obviously before the official release in Q1 in 2021. 

Everything is used for graphics just like on Kickstarter. At the same time we will create a new trailer to make you want to play our game. Of course we would be happy if you share our steam page.

That’s for now, we’re all very excited about how it will continue.
Stay healthy!