Ah, yes, Toria. A strange and exciting world. Come child, pull up a stool, grab some bread and I am going to tell you a story… 

Today, Toria is split between many kingdoms. Some larger than others. Some are rich, others are as poor as a church mouse. The big war of 942 and partition of Toria. That were hard times.  

How did the war start? And why? I hear you ask. Many books can be filled with the story of why and how. The elders refer to it as “The war of the eight”

Back then, Toria was a huge united kingdom. Some say, the most powerful in the world. And not only the most powerful one but also very special in terms of its regency. While every other kingdom had a king or a queen leading the country, Toria had eight of them. Eight wise individuals leading Toria to glory and wealth.  
I am sure you have already heard of them. Markus Lohran, Johann Berog, Carolin Ahcron, Luis Kanraltik, Julia Hoane, Frieda Kolarune, Franziska Panezi and Albert of Anvalb. As you see, the same eight dynasties that are now the eight most powerful kingdoms in Toria. 
But as hard times create strong men, easy times create weak men. And the second rule of thumb, the only thing powerful men want, is even more power. 

The “wise eight” started to act less wise than they’re supposed to be. One known story of that time is that Carolin Ahcron was very upset because of the way how Luis Kanraltik was eating. The outcome was, that Carolin started leaving the room when Luis was present. An outrageous behaviour considering that most deals were sealed while having dinner. Childish! 

It happened as it was bound to happen. Many little conflicts, as irrelevant as they seem, lead to dispute and anger. It is not known who raised the sword first, but the first battle was the battle of Scholgarn – a village between todays borders of Archduchy Lohran and Kingdom Anvalb. Markus Lohran lead 500 men towards Scholgarn which was under command of Albert Anvalb. 

Not that Scholgarn had some special meaning or any desirable resources. At some point Markus thought the village needs a new governor. That is it. That was reason enough to raze Scholgarn to the ground – Albert did not want to give up his village, you know. 
Scholgarn was never rebuild and the ruins of the former beautiful village serve as memorial for many fallen men in a pointless battle. 
Maybe this was the start of almost 50 years of combat, plunder and death which ultimately lead to the hopelessly divided Toria we are currently living in.  

From “The tales of an old man” 

Feudal Kingdoms will launch with 8 playable factions which you can choose to start with.
Each faction comes with its own story and traits. Some are more focused on your military strength while others provide economical benefits.
You decide.

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(playable factions and their lore)

Archduchy Lorahn

The archduchy of the Lorahns has a long history. Some even claim that the noble family ruled parts of the country as early as the fifth century. Over the centuries, an amazing amount of knowledge has accumulated in the libraries, making Lohran a popular destination for pilgrims from all over Toria who are hungry for knowledge.

The merger into the Great Kingdom under the royal family of Olberding brought not only the desired peace in the empire but also concern. Concern for the theft of Lohran’s most valuable assets. Its knowledge.

Trait: +10% generation of research points

Great Kingdom Berog

Prince Wilhelm Berog is the only son of Philipp Berog of Kadria, the feared warrior. According to legends, Philipp personally led each of his battles at the forefront. The principality’s soldiers still speak about the great battles of days gone by. Truly great footsteps which Prince Wilhelm follows. But at least Wilhelm has taken a lot from his father’s martial arts and knows how to convey this knowledge. Berog’s soldiers have been among the best of Toria for generations, and it should stay that way.

Trait: +5% Combat power

Kingdom Ahrcon

Ahrcon, the land of lush meadows and fertile fields. But that is not the only peculiarity. The fate of the country has been in female hands for many decades. After the early death of Werner of Ahrcon, consort of Queen Mirya Ahrcon, she took sole control and led the empire into a prosperous future. Whether it was divine gift or simply the nature of the soil remains to be seen. The demand for fruit and grain from Ahrcon was unbroken all over Toria and concerns about being able to feed their own people after the merger spread. The only daughter, Sieglinde of Ahrcon, is now facing this task.

Trait: +5% production from agriculture

Great Kingdom Kanraltik

Anyone who hears “Kanraltik” immediately thinks of magnificent festivals. The capital’s celebrations are well known and popular throughout Toria. King Niklas Kanraltik has always had a knack for keeping his people happy. “Bread and games for the people” is the motto. Secretly, he is also called “Niklas the Popular” by his people. However, other rulers in Toria looked down on its popularity with envy, so that the merger under Olberding was not permanent.

Nevertheless, the people of the Great Kingdom Kanraltik are among the happiest in all of Toria.

Trait: +2 to happiness in all settlements

Kingdom Hoane

The Kingdom of Hoane has only been ruled by the royal couple Pavlas and Corintha Hoane since 1426. A fair and disciplined dynasty. Characteristics that have remained in the noble family for around 250 years. In Toria, the kingdom of Hoane is considered extremely peaceful and legally aware. However, appreciated by one’s own people, this is considered a weakness by other rulers. After the disintegration of the Great Kingdom of Toria, Hoane’s house now faces the challenge of giving its people the security they are used to, but at the same time protecting their borders.

Trait: +2 to public order in all settlements

Kingdom Kolarune

Nowhere are the traders more skilled than in Kolarune. There are nowhere more interesting goods than in Kolarune. The rulers of the kingdom have been particularly successful in dealing with others for generations. The markets of the cities are an excellent starting point for traders from all over Toria. But where trade is booming and gold seems to be in abundance, greed is not far off. A danger that King Theobald of Kolarune is all too aware of. The union of Toria was of little advantage anyway.

Trait: +10% profit from trades

Kingdom Panezi

The nobility of the Panezi goes back to a wealthy family of tailors from the south. For over 100 years, the Panezi robes have been considered to be flawlessly manufactured and of the highest quality. It is not for nothing that the phrase “keeps you warm like a Panezi” is widespread in Toria. Now it is up to Otto of Panezi the Third not only to keep the traditions but also to lead his people well in the broken days of Toria.

Comfortable warmth in winter should be ensured, but it takes more than a warm coat to stay in power in Toria.

Trait: The effects of temperature are calculated with +5°C

Kingdom Anvalb

Many legends have grown up around the history of Anvalb. The most common is that Anton of Anvalb sailed across the ocean in 1159 and brought blacksmithing skills from faraway lands that are still unmatched today. Rulers from all over Toria wanted to get hold of these weapons and, above all, the secrets of their manufacture. So far, the regents of Anvalb Maximilian the Second and Katharina of Anvalb have ensured that only anvalbian soldiers are equipped with these exquisite swords.

Trait: +10% to combat power of sword fighters