Indiegogo campaign

Indiegogo campaign

Blood and Pixels will start an Indiegogo campaign next Monday the 14th of December.

We think it’s a really nice idea for a christmas present, isn’t it? Maybe one of you is having a brother, a sister, a friend or beloved person who would be very happy about such a gift!

Why are we’re planning a second campaign? We want to implement graphical improvements and give many curious people the opportunity to get a key before the early access starts in Q1 2021. Our special Perk is to become an own Aristocrat, Henchman or Nobleman with a custom made portrait from our aritist.

We are currently improving not only the gameplay but also the visual features to be able to release a high quality game. In the last few days we have found and fixed some interesting bugs by the first testers, we get as much input that helps us to move forward. For this reason we have decided to attract a wider range of testers through the Indiegogo campaign.

We would be very grateful if you would share the campaign with your friends or your community!

We wish you a beautiful week!