Settlements And Buildings

One of the main tasks in Feudal Kingdoms is the management of your settlements.

This contains, among other tasks, the construction of various buildings which are essential to keep your population well fed, warm and furthermore protected and educated.

Let us start with the basic overview of your fresh settlement

In the Settlement overview panel on the left you get all the information regarding the selected settlement such as population or food consumption. You can also adjust some parameters directly in the overview like the amount of food or heating material that is beeing distributed to the citizens.

You also get the pre-calculated changes displayed where applicable.

In the Storage overview you get a list of all the stored ressources and products that are available in your settlement. The current change is color coded: Red for decreasing values and Green for increasing values.

The Building overview in the bottom part displays already completed buildings and those which are currently under construction. A click on a free space leads you to the construction menu.

Note: The amount of available building slots is dependant on the type of settlement (in this case Small town center ) While some have more building slots others have a defensive advantage.

The construction menu is set up in a hierachical structure. To be able to build the higher tiers the previous ones need to be build first. Grouped bei various categories you can select the respective buildings. A click on the representing icon shows you details to the building itself. Its costs, its in- and output and the amount of required workers for 100% productivity.

Agricultural buildings, meaning those who are placed on the map itself, will require you to select a proper position. Red and Green dots are displaying the vicinity that the bulding utilizes. (where applicable) Rule of thumb: the more green dots the better.

After placing a agricultural building or starting the construcion of a townside building it will be displayed in the Building overview. In this list it can be cancelled (ressources will be refunded) and upgraded once the construction is completed.

A click on an already built building leads you to the Details view which gives you the possibilty to upgrade or demolish the building. The upgrade is as easy as building a new one and has the advantage of beeing more productive without consuming another building slot.

Here you also can adjust the amount of assigned workers. For obvious reasons assigning only 50% of the max. workers reduces the produced amount by 50% and so on.

2020/12/02 V 0.1